Hello, my name is Liudmila. I was born in Lithuania, have family roots in Russia, but now I live in Norway:) I can't tell anything astonishing about myself... I'm not registered in the Guinness Book of Records, haven't invented the bicycle and wasn't elected as a president :D I'm an ordirary person with simple hobbies - love travelling, reading books, meeting my friends, I just love life as it is, with all advantages and disadvantages. I just have an interesting hobby - I collect bookmarks :) I'm a passionate bookmark collector and hope to find more collectors, exchange bookmarks with them, show my collection to others and have a look at other collections :) You can contact me, if you're interested in bookmark exchange :) Hope to find friends from all over the world :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wishes from Lithuania-Enjoy reading :) Palinkejimas is Lietuvos :)

Siandien man puiki diena,nes gavau siuntinuka is Lietuvos :) Visada malonu,ateiti is darbo ir rasti kazka pasto dezuteje,tai smagiai nuteikia,ir tai,ka as gavau siandien,man pakele nuotaika ir maloniai siltai nuteike,nes gavau as laukiama knyga,bet malonu buvo ne visai tai,o tai,kad joje dar radau siurpriza,kurio nesitikejau rasti,nes laukiau tiktai vienos knygos,o prideta staigmena prie jos labai maloniai nuteike ir priverte nusisypsoti  :) Ir taigi,ta staigmenele yra sis ranku darbo skirtukas su geru palinkejimu :)

Today I‘ve got your parcel so it is a very great day to me. It is always a big pleasure when you come back from work and find something in your mailbox. What I got today made up my day, especially, because it was a book I was waiting so much. Also I was very fond of about a surprise, which was very unexpected, because I was waiting only for book. Surprise added by you cheered me up and made me smile. So, it was a handmade bookmark with good wishes:


  1. Tau pasisekė, nes man ji nelabai net norėjo duoti tokio skirtuko :D

  2. Nu va,ir kodel taip ? :) Ar as geresne buvau? :D