Hello, my name is Liudmila. I was born in Lithuania, have family roots in Russia, but now I live in Norway:) I can't tell anything astonishing about myself... I'm not registered in the Guinness Book of Records, haven't invented the bicycle and wasn't elected as a president :D I'm an ordirary person with simple hobbies - love travelling, reading books, meeting my friends, I just love life as it is, with all advantages and disadvantages. I just have an interesting hobby - I collect bookmarks :) I'm a passionate bookmark collector and hope to find more collectors, exchange bookmarks with them, show my collection to others and have a look at other collections :) You can contact me, if you're interested in bookmark exchange :) Hope to find friends from all over the world :)

Friday, November 12, 2010


From Austria,Grossglockner high alpine road...

Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum), is one of the best-known European mountain flowers.Since it usually grows in inaccessible places, it is associated in many countries of the alpine region with mountaineering. Its white colour is considered a symbol of purity, and Edelweiss means "noble whiteness" or "noble purity", its Romanian name, floarea reginei means "Queen's flower".
Thank you very much,Jurate :)

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