Hello, my name is Liudmila. I was born in Lithuania, have family roots in Russia, but now I live in Norway:) I can't tell anything astonishing about myself... I'm not registered in the Guinness Book of Records, haven't invented the bicycle and wasn't elected as a president :D I'm an ordirary person with simple hobbies - love travelling, reading books, meeting my friends, I just love life as it is, with all advantages and disadvantages. I just have an interesting hobby - I collect bookmarks :) I'm a passionate bookmark collector and hope to find more collectors, exchange bookmarks with them, show my collection to others and have a look at other collections :) You can contact me, if you're interested in bookmark exchange :) Hope to find friends from all over the world :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hand-woven bookmark

The fiber, hand-woven  bookmark  purchased from  an indigenous weaver in the street market of Otavalo, Ecuador.Sent by Hope (Esperanza) :) Thank you, I really like it :)

I'm not sure, but I guess it's Otavaleña woman on this bookmark, cause Otavaleña women traditionally wear distinctive white embroidered blouses, with flared lace sleeves, and black or dark over skirts, with cream or white under skirts. Long hair is tied back with a 3cm band of woven multi coloured material, often matching the band which is wound several times round their waists. They usually have many strings of gold beads around their necks, and matching tightly wound long strings of coral beads around each wrist. Men wear white trousers, and dark blue ponchos.:)


  1. sveika, Skandinave...man patinka tavo blogas...kolekcionuoti skirtukus is skirtingu saliu nebutu sove man i galva...puiki ideja,sveikinu...jau esu tavo blogo fane...kvieciu apsilankyti manajame...malonu ir ikiukas...

  2. Sveika,malonu,kad uzsukai,aciu uz komplimentus,einu ziureti Tavojo :)