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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Heart of Kent - The True Garden of England

Kent , originally Cantia, is a county in southeast England, and is one of the home counties. It borders East Sussex, Surrey and Greater London and has a defined boundary with Essex in the middle of the River Thames estuary. The ceremonial county boundaries of Kent include the shire county of Kent and the unitary borough of Medway. Kent has a nominal border with France halfway through the Channel Tunnel. Maidstone is its county town and historically Rochester and Canterbury have been accorded city status, though only the latter still holds it. More... 

The White horse of Kent, or the White Horse Rampant, is a symbol of Kent, a county in South East England.
Kent's place as the Garden of England stems back over 400 years. The title is believed to date back to Henry VIII's time when he is said to have greatly enjoyed a dish of Kent cherries. Henry was certainly fond of fruit and was personally responsible for many orchards being established in Kent, whose blossoms still contribute to the garden-like aspect of our county.
The gardens of Kent today are not only amongst the most popular attractions in Kent, but are also amongst some of the most renowned gardens in England.

I love the bookmarks from a variety of garden, Thanks very much for this, Richard :)

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