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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Sacred Hearts", Sarah Dunant

Sarah Dunant (born Linda Dunant 8 August 1950, in London, England) is the author of many international bestsellers, most recently Sacred Hearts, the completion of her Italian historical trilogy.
Sarah Dunant's work ranges over a number of genres and eras, going from hard-boiled detective fiction to historical thriller. Her narratives are hard to categorise due to their inventive treatment of time and space, and a favoured device of hers is to run two or more plot strands concurrently, as she does to great effect in Mapping the Edge. A common concern running through her work is women's perceptions and points of view, but the serious stuff is always embedded deep below the surface. Her work is polished and taut, and her handling of narrative pace is nearly always impeccable.
Her characters are frequently women of the world, able to hold their own against men and open to sexual experimentation and rule-breaking, which drives a lot of her plots' energy. This is probably because even when she sets her story in Renaissance Florence, as she does in The Birth of Venus, the 'whodunit' plot construct still persists, and the quest to solve a mystery or a crime carries on alongside the emotional involvements of the characters. Having said that, it would not be adequate to say that she writes 'thrillers', since there is much more to be found in the books than generic thriller-type entertainment.

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