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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cast iron pot with a spoon

In the Ancient Russia usually lunch was served on the table in the common dish - in poorer families were simple clay pots or cast iron boilers, and in the noble houses - beautiful clay and metal dishes. The peasant huts during dinner the whole family gathered around a large pot of porridge or soup. Serve each separate bowl was not accepted.

Russian culture is very rich in various traditional crafts. Many of them are associated with the production of an unusual and very beautiful dishes. For example, for many centuries throughout Russia is famous for the famous Khokhloma painting. This dish is made of wood, and then painted with four colors: black, red, yellow and green. Skilled craftsmen bring to the bowls, cups, spoons, and other products of the finest designs. From under their brushes out unusual flowers, red berries, unusual birds.


Many thanks to my friend Inna :)

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