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Monday, November 1, 2010


The moose (North America) or European elk (Europe) (Alces alces) is the largest extant species in the deer family. Moose are distinguished by the palmate antlers of the males; other members of the family have antlers with a "twig-like" configuration. Moose typically inhabit boreal and mixed deciduous forests of the Northern Hemisphere in temperate to subarctic climates.

A common wild animal which roams all over Norway, it even ventures into cities in winter when food is sparse in the woods. These animals most often, unfortunately, have to be killed because they can't find their way back. :(

The elk are also a great danger on Norwegian roads, many cars have been completely crushed under the impact of this massive animal. In wooded parts of Norway, drivers must be very careful at dusk and night, when the elk tend to move around a lot.

There is a famous traffic sign, unique to Norway, picturing an elk framed by a red triangle to warn people of the danger. This traffic sign is so popular among tourists as well as Norwegians that it is actually possible to buy copies of it...

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